About Dr. Doherty

Dr. Sonya Doherty is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor.  She has been praciticing since 2003 after completing her undergraduate training at the University of Western Ontario and her postgraduate degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Dr. Doherty is an active member of the CAND and has completed her leve I and II Defeat Autism Now! with The Autism Research Institute training providing her with the research and tools needed to help each child reach their developmental potential.

Dr. Doherty believes in supporting development before pregnancy through healthy lifestyle as well as during pregnancy through an individualized Well Pregnancy and Baby Program.  She has also founded Treat Autism & ADHD, a resource to educate parents and practitioners about biomedical research.  Dr. Doherty hosts a yearly Autism & ADHD Conference and Children’s Health Fair.  As a community volunteer, Sonya works with the Halton Baby Friendly Initiative to help support breastfeeding in the Halton region.

Dr. Doherty practices at the Natural Care Clinic in beautiful downtown Burlington and helps people throughout North America via Skype and e-mail consultations.