Your child’s development depends on healthy choices during pregnany, while breastfeeding and with food introduction.  There are sections of this website that have more information on breastfeeding and food introduction.

The biochemistry of development relies on having the right nutritional supports.  Essential fatty acids, vitamin D, B vitamins (especially B12) and folic acid all play crucial roles in supporting development.  The methylation cycle is on important pathway that governs development.  This cycle has found to be impaired in children with developmental issues like autism, PDD and AD/HD.  This cycle is also needed to help detoxify harmful substances and support cells development as well as production of brain chemicals that support sleep, mood, appetite as well as language, cognitive and social development.

Supporting your child’s development is extremely important in this toxic world.  Southwestern Ontario is an area with a lot of environmental toxicity.  Our food often contains toxic chemicals and/or creates inflammation in the body that has to be removed.  The methylation, or development, cycle fights for nutrients with the body’s detoxification systems.  This means that children born today need lots of assistance with their body’s detoxification systems including the intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin.