I am Naturopathic Doctor and I have a 6 month old with bronchitis…..what do I do?

First of all I freak out a little bit because my sweet baby girl is crying and looks so sad and in pain. She didn’t have a fever this morning, but she sure does now. She woke up with a cough, but was fine and happy all day long.


We were out to dinner with my mom and my husband and I hummed and hawed because she just wasn’t that sick at the time, finally we decided that if Baby A had strep then we had better get on top of it before some real sickness happened. So my husband took our 2 year old home to bed and I went to the walk-in, where my little girl with a little cough, got a lot sicker waiting in the waiting room. I was glad to have come.


The doctor said fever, ear infection and bronchitis and sent us home with advice to continue breast feeding. So now, I had a really sick baby and no drugs.


I called my sister, cause she’s a naturopath and I just needed a plan. No answer, so I just sat and developed a plan and decided to pretend she wasn’t my kid that was screaming in pain unless she was firmly attached my boob.


We did warming socks. These are weird but work. I put a pair of sock in cool water, wrung them out and put them on the baby and put on her sleeper. Warming socks engage the immune system and stimulate the body to get going and start the fighting the cold. Don’t worry, the socks warm up. You can put castor oil on the bottom of the feet or vicks and speed up the process, but the socks warm right away and dry very quickly, leaving the body with more energy to fight a cold. No idea how it works, it just does.


I gave her 2 different kinds of probiotic, human strains, and just a finger full that she sucked off my hand


I squirted a saline nasal spray up her nose and decided I would do that 5 times a day.


I gave her belladonna homeopathic for the fever,


I gave her Traumeel ear drops….which were like magic. I woke in the middle of the night to her crying and a bad fever. It took me a very long time to realize she only had a fever on one side of her face……her ear ache! So I dropped these Traumeel ear drops in to her ears and I kid you not, the fever/ear heat was gone in 10 seconds.  I did that 5 times the next day. When I asked my sister Sonya, also a naturopath about this magical reaction, she said it was amazing for some kids and didn’t work at all for others. I was just happy my baby was in the camp that Traumeel worked for.


I put ear oil in her ears from St. Francis.  Olive oil and garlic, oregano and mullein. My baby A basically smelled like a warm pizza. Just olive oil would do the trick too.  It brought all the wax out and she didn’t mind.


I put the ear oil on Baby A’s chest and back and overtop put castor oil and vicks. You can’t be too heavy handed on the super bad smelling things when we are trying to fight bronchitis.


We nebulized her with glutathione for 1-5 minutes 3 to 5 times a day. We have a nebulizer at home which is like a humidifier that you can put medication in and attach a mask. I use sterile water or saline water and glutathione. Glutathione breaks up mucous and kills viral infections. Amazing for chest infections. It has a nasty smell and kids hate it. It breaks up the mucous and really helps for those deep awful wet cough.  It worked for my dry awful cough too, but this is about the baby. If I didn’t have the nebulizer, I would have just sat in the bathroom with the shower on and steamed her so the mucous could break down more easily.


The glutathione did make her spit up mucous, but better out than in for my little girl.


We went through a variation of all these things every couple of hours during the night. My goodness the nights are awful. I felt good just doing something, even if it did nothing.


By the morning, her fever had broken and the cough wasn’t as bad. She was much much happier. We continued to put nasty stuff on her chest, in her ears, up her nose and just rested and napped for the next 2 days.


It felt good to be doing something. Some of the things we did really worked for Baby A, Hope this helps when you are in the middle of the night. None of the things I have mentioned are unsafe and can be used in smaller infants. Good luck!


Carissa Doherty

Natural Care Clinic

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