Asthma is a common condition characterized by chronic inflammtion in the air passages of the lungs.  Asthma is a very serious condition and the information in this section is for educational purposes only.  It is very important that you only discuss treatment of asthma with a health care professional.  Each year, 500 Canadians die of asthma.

It is important to understand the inflammatory nature of asthma creates the opportunity to leverage other parts of the body to improve asthma symptoms.  The digestive tract regulates inflammation as does the adrenal glands that process all of the stress in the body.  The adrenal glands secrete cortisol in response to a stressor.  The adrenal glands can be under pressure because of sleep issuses, nutrient deficienes, digestive issues and/or chronic immune struggles. 

Strengthening the digestive tract and the adrenal glands can provide an important opportunity to lessen the severity of ashtma and in many cases of mild to moderate asthma allow children to be symptom free.  Using natural treatments such as fish oils or omega 3 fatty acids, in addition to digestive support through probiotcs can decrease how inflammed the air passages become, increasing quality of life. Other important nutrients to consider are zinc, B vitamins and vitamin C.  Zinc is a key mineral used in the regulation of inflammation as well as the stablization of the immune system.  B vitamins are needed to help strengthen the stress system to create a systemic anti-inflammatory effect by regulating cortisol secretion.  Vitamin C is an important immune support as well as fuel for the stress system.